Games 2017

Instant Endgame
18/01/2017 B Wheeler vs B Lim 0-1

Kings Gambit Gone Wrong
15/08/1975 R Sutton vs A Booth 0-1

How to beat an IM. Answer: When he is a CM.
25/10/2014 A Booth vs CM C Chirinos Cabrera 1-0

Cleren Chirinos Cabrera became an IM by scoring 7/10 in the PANAMERICAN SENIOR CHESS CHAMPIONSHIP Over 65 on 28/08/2015.

How to beat a GM. Answer: Play the Morra Gambit.
18/09/2004 B Hague vs GM H J Plaskett 1-0

James Plaskett became a GM in 1985 and British Champion in 1990. He is the author of numerous chess books. Ben Hague didn't become a FM until 2005.

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