Millennium Hotels New Zealand Chess Grand Prix 2009

Millennium Hotels and Resorts is the sponsor of the nationwide chess Grand Prix tournaments.

10th September 2009.

The latest Grand Prix event was the 36th North Shore Open (Class 1), on 29-30 August, organised by 
North Shore CC, which attracted a good turnout of 83 players.

Leading scores:
Open - R. Hart (4.5/5) 1, G. Thornton (4) 2, D. Shen, M. Krstev, D. Han, P. Garbett (3.5) 3-6, 
M. Steadman (3) 7 … 23 players.

B Tournament – L. Guico (5/5) 1, H. Gao, W. Li (4) 2-3, S. Lyall, T. Piwari, N. Cooper, W. Puepuemai, 
R. Mitchell, G. Pocock, M. Garland (3.5) 4-8 … 36 players.

Junior Tournament – L. Li (4.5/5) 1, H. Cui, H. Jiang, S. Yang (4) 2-4, D. Rong, R. Jiang (3.5) 5-6 … 
24 players.

Grand Prix Movers
No change in the first four in the Open division, but Gino Thornton climbs two places to fifth, while 
Ralph Hart (7th) and Daniel Han (10th) both come into the top ten.

The big mover in the U2000 division is Mario Krstev, who comes into the top ten in 4th spot.

Leo Guico moves up to 2nd in the Under 1400 division, where the top 3 are now separated by less than 3 

The biggest move in the Junior division comes from William Li, who goes up 2 places to 4th, with only 
4 counting events.

Little change in the Senior group: Nigel Cooper (10th) is the newbie on the leaderboard, while 
Bob Mitchell has narrowed the gap to 2nd placed Viv Smith to just 1.16.

In the Female division Nicole Tsoi moves from 4th to 2nd, but Viv Smith retains a healthy lead.

And in the U14 and U1400 division, William Li moves up one place to 4th, while Jiapeng Li comes in 
at number 8.

Grand Prix Leaders (top 10 and ties)

Open: R. Smith 86, M. Steadman 71, P. Garbett 70.5, A. Ker 50, G. Thornton 42, B. Watson 37.5, 
R. Hart 30.5, R. Dive 29, E. Lee 23.25, D. Han 22.25.

U2000: E. Lee 47.25, A. Krstev 47, H. Bennett 38.33, M. Krstev 37.7, R. Gibbons 37.55, M. Hill 37.5, 
R. Taylor, S. Maroroa 31.5, G. Marner 30.5, E. Tanoi 29.95.

U1700: A. Ansell 85, H. Gao 70.3, L. Guico 42.5, V. Smith 42.3, R. Mitchell 38.5, W. Li 36, 
B. Siripornpitak 31.5, A. Booth 30.5, P. Mukkattu  28.3, E. de Beer 26.2.

U1400: H. Gao 94.5, L. Guico 92.5, A. Ansell 91.5, W. Li 50.5, H. Shierlaw 34.5, E. Rains 33.3, 
S. Lyall 31.3, T. Gothorp 24.5, T. Rains 18, A. Clark, A. Anderson 17.5.

Junior: H. Gao 97.5, D. Shen 92, A. Ansell 85.5, W. Li 65, M. Krstev 54, A. Huang 50.5, 
S. Maroroa 42.5, J. Gao 40, B. Siripornpitak 39, D. Baider 37.5.

Senior: P. Stuart 107.5, V. Smith 82.5, R. Mitchell 81.34, N. Cruden 72, W. Lynn 57.5, R. Taylor 48, 
J. Cater 46, W. Power 42, A. Booth 41, N. Cooper 40.25.

Female: V. Smith 83.5, N. Tsoi 69.4, K. Qui 65, C. Fan 60.5, J. Gao 52.5, H. Milligan, J. Zhu 42.5, 
H. Courtney 32.5.

U14 & U1400: H. Gao 92.5, A. Ansell 60, W. Yao 58.7, W. Li 54.3, L. Zhu 45.5, H. Cui 41.5, 
H. Jiang 38.5, J. Li 33.3, L. Li 30.5, S. Tang 29.9, K. Zhu 27.7.

I would point out once again the following Grand Prix rule under Tournament Organiser’s 
Responsibilities: “To advise the Grand Prix Administrator of the complete results within a fortnight 
of the completion of the tournament (the sooner the better).”

I would also remind organisers to advise me of any Grand Prix events at least a month beforehand so 
they can be advertised. Too many clubs seem to be relying upon me to hunt out details of their events 
from somewhere else. Also once again: Please include birthdates for juniors and seniors in your 
tournament files. This makes my (voluntary) job much easier. 

For complete GP points and totals go to where Helen Milligan kindly 
regularly updates them. 

Yours for chess
Bob Smith
Grand Prix Administrator

28th January 2009.

First of all, some exciting news: NZCF Council has reached an agreement with Millennium Hotels and Resorts 
to extend the sponsorship deal for the nationwide chess Grand Prix for another two years, at this stage 
until the end of 2010. A "Memorandum of Understanding" with the Millennium Hotels and Resorts Group was 
signed by NZCF President Paul Spiller. Click the above link and have a look at some of the excellent 
accommodation available for future chess tournaments. 

Paul Spiller
Photo by Stan Yee Grand Prix Season The Millennium Hotels NZ Chess Grand Prix for 2009 officially begins on January 1, 2009 and will end with the final Grand Prix event held before December 31, 2009. Tournament Categories There are four tournament categories, based on the total prize-fund offered. Super Class – prize-fund $4,000 or more Class 1 - prize fund $1,400 to less than $4,000 Class 2 - prize fund $700 to less than $1,400 Class 3 - prize fund $300 to less than $700 Grand Prix Points Grand Prix points are awarded as follows: Super Class: 1st 25, 2nd 20, 3rd 15, 4th 12, 5th 9. Class 1: 1st 20, 2nd 15, 3rd 12, 4th 9, 5th 6. Class 2: 1st 15, 2nd 12, 3rd 9, 4th 6, 5th 4. Class 3: 1st 12, 2nd 9, 3rd 6, 4th 4, 5th 3. In the case of ties, Grand Prix points will be shared and rounded to two decimal places. Grand Prix Prizes Open: 1st $750 2nd $500 3rd $400 4th $300 5th $200 Under 2000: 1st $400 2nd $300 3rd $200 4th $100 Under 1700: 1st $350 2nd $250 3rd $150 4th $75 Under 1400 1st $300 2nd $200 3rd $100 4th $50 Junior: 1st $300 2nd $200 3rd $100 4th $50 Female: 1st $300 2nd $200 3rd $100 4th $50 Senior: 1st $300 2nd $200 3rd $100 4th $50 Under 14 & U1400 1st $150 2nd $100 3rd $50 Special prizes: Best non-prize-winning North Islander outside Auckland and Wellington $50. Best non-prize-winning South Islander $50. Eligibility Only New Zealand citizens and residents can win Grand Prix points. A player can win only one prize, but may compete in any number of divisions for which he/she is eligible. He/she will be allocated the largest prize won at the end of the season or, in the case of prizes of equal value, the prize for the division where he/she finished in the higher placing. If the eligible prize and placing are equal, the player shall be awarded the prize from the division contested by the most players. Rating Regulations Ratings for grade divisions are based on players’ standard ratings in the most recently published official NZCF list prior to the start of the Grand Prix i.e. November 2008. To qualify for Grand Prix points a tournament must have at least three players within the relevant rating group. Grand Prix points will be awarded in qualifying rating divisions, regardless of whether players win prizes at an individual tournament. A player’s best five events are counted towards his/her totals; these cannot include more than three class 3 tournaments or more than 3 rapid events. There is no differentiation between points offered at standard and rapid events. Juniors are under 20 on 1 January, 2009. Seniors are 60 or over on 1 January, 2009, or in the case of females, 50 or over. Tournaments where entry is restricted by factors other than rating are not eligible for grand prix points, except where there is a specified Grand Prix category e.g. female, junior, senior. In divisions where fewer than five qualifying events are held during the year, no prizes will be paid out. Where players choose to compete in a tournament with a rating category above their level, they are not eligible for any Grand Prix points in their division. An internal club tournament may earn Grand Prix points under the following conditions: it is open to anyone in the country and publicised to all clubs, it can only be a class 3 event, and the appropriate Grand Prix levy must be paid. N.B. A club may hold a maximum of two internal Grand Prix events during the year. Grand Prix Levies: Tournaments included in the Grand Prix pay the following levies to NZCF Auckland or Wellington: Super Class: $200 Class 1: $150 Class 2: $100 Class 3: $ 50 All other areas: Super Class: $180 Class 1: $130 Class 2: $ 80 Class 3: $ 30 These discounts recognise that Auckland and Wellington can claim a significant preponderance of New Zealand’s chess population. They aim to encourage maximum participation in the Grand Prix. Multi-tier Events Where tournaments are effectively several different restricted events, only one levy is payable, based on the total prize-fund e.g. the New Zealand Championship and Major Open attract only one levy, as they run concurrently and cater for different rating groups. They are both regarded as being in the same category, based on the combined prize-fund. However the New Zealand Rapid Championship is regarded as a separate tournament, as it is run at a different time and is open to all players. It attracts a separate levy, as do the North and South Island Rapid Championships. Official NZCF Tournaments All official NZCF Tournaments held before 31 December 2009 are automatically included in the 2009 Grand Prix. These are: The New Zealand Championship The New Zealand Major Open The New Zealand Rapid Championship The North Island Championship The North Island Rapid Championship The South Island Championship The South Island Rapid Championship The New Zealand Junior Championship The New Zealand Junior Rapid Championship The New Zealand Women’s Championship The New Zealand Seniors’ Championship =========================================================================== Tournament Organisers’ Responsibilities To advise the Grand Prix Administrator at least one month before a tournament that it will be a Grand Prix event, pay the relevant NZCF levy and provide the name and contact details of a person responsible for ensuring a tournament report and games are forwarded to the “NZ Chess” magazine within a fortnight of the completion of the event. To ensure the Grand Prix and Grand Prix sponsor is mentioned on tournament entry forms. To endeavour to publicise the Grand Prix and sponsor’s name in any media coverage. To make the most recent Grand Prix standings available to tournament participants at the start of the event. To advise the Grand Prix Administrator of the complete results within a fortnight of the completion of the tournament (the sooner the better). Grand Prix Administrator The Grand Prix administrator for 2009 is FM Bob Smith. He will be responsible for: Updating the Grand Prix standings as soon as possible after each tournament. Making the current Grand Prix standings available to organisers prior to the start of their tournaments. Ensuring the current standings are publicised in NZCF bulletins, in “NZ Chess”, and on website of the New Zealand Chess Federation.

Bob Smith can be contacted by Phone: (09) 817 2664 or 027 478 6282 Email: Postal: For postal enquiries or information - 54 Daffodil St Titirangi, Auckland 0604

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