Myer Tan NZ Chess Grand Prix 2013

7th April 2013.

This report covers two events: the Howick-Pakuranga Annual Latvian Rapidplay in Pakuranga and the 
North Island Championship in Wellington.

A-Grade: 1st Hans Gao 5.5/6; 2nd FM Ben Hague; 3rd Benji Lim
B-Grade: 1st Thinus Barnard 5.5/6; 2nd Leo Zhang, 3rd Byron Lam
C-Grade: 1st Nicholas Huang 6/6; 2nd= Jim Benson and Kevin Chegye Guan
D-Grade: 1st Arul Gaundar 5/6; 2nd Craig Scott; 3rd= Arav Gaundar and Eddy Tan

North Island Championship:
North Island Champion, Wellington Champion, and 1st with 8/8: IM Russell Dive 
2nd Joachim Berg-Jensen (Norway); 3rd Edward Rains 
B-Grade: 1st Alphaeus Ang; 2nd= Hamish Gold, Jack James, Layla Timergazi, Ross Jackson & Michael Roberts 
C-Grade: 1st= Don Stracy & Leighton Nicholls 
DD Smash Upset Prize: Hamish Gold (for his victory over John McDonald)

Current scores in the Grand Prix:

Open - Bob Smith 59.75, Ben Hague 40, Mike Steadman 26.17, Scott Wastney 25, Hans Gao 24.75, 
Paul Garbett 22.5, Russell Dive 20, Ewen Green 17.5.

Under 2100 - William Li 43.5, Alphaeus Ang 42.67, Helen Milligan 38.17, Max Chew Lee 35.5, Paul Spiller 32, 
Bill Forster 30.5, Fuatai Fuatai and Daniel Runcan 25, Edward Rains 24.3. 

Under 1800 - Jack James 47.5, Timothy Rains 46.5, Daniel Gong 40.75, Andrew Brockway 34.3, Johnson Li 31, 
Joy Shu Yan Qin 22.5, Simon Lyall 21.

Under 1500 - Aaron Wang 43.75, Wei Kai Chen and Nicholas Huang 35, Caroline Yan 27.5, Nicole Shu Yu Qin 26.5, 
James Credo & Alanna Chew Lee 20, Leo Li 18.75, Kevin Guan & Lynn Stanton 15. 

Junior - William Li 67.5, Alphaeus Ang 57.5, Hans Gao 52.5, Layla Timergazi 46.65, Edward Rains 31.73, 
Max Chew Lee 30.5, Leo Zhang 29.5, Timothy Rains 22.75, Jack James 22.08. 

Female - Layla Timergazi 84.6, Helen Milligan 80, Joy Shu Yan Qin 59.33, Nicole Shu Yu Qin 40.83, 
Caroline Yan 30.5, Jasmine Zhang 21, Alanna Chew Lee 18.33.

Senior - Helen Milligan 57.5, Don Stracy 37.5, Tony Carpinter and Paul Garbett 35, Magnus Macfarlane 28.5, 
Arie Nijman 25.26, Ewen Green 25.

Under 12 & Under 1200 - Aaron Wang 70.67, Nicole Shu Yu Qin 62.5, Rodney Li 37.5, Jasmine Zhang 35.67, 
Leo Li 30.67, Karthik Konakanchi 13, Maimoena Hulshof & Lucas Salazar 10.5.

Grand Prix Season

The Myer Tan NZ Chess Grand Prix for 2013 officially begins on December 31st, 2012, with Congress, and ends 
with the final Grand Prix event held before January 1, 2014.

Tournament Categories: There are four tournament categories, based on the total prizefund offered.
Super Class – prizefund $4,000 or more
Class 1 – prizefund $1,400 to less than $4,000
Class 2 – prizefund $700 to less than $1,400
Class 3 – prizefund $300 to less than $700

The prizefund may include items such as books, wine, etc, which will be deemed to contribute towards the 
fund at their published retail value. The cost of cups and medals provided as one-offs for the event can 
be included, subject to a scan of the invoice or quote being sent to the Administrator. If the organiser 
pays for engraving, this can also be included towards the prizefund (note that NZCF usually pays for the 
engraving of official NZCF trophies).

The following Championships qualify for (at least) class 1 GP points for the appropriate category, even 
if the prize money (and the GP fee paid) only qualifies them for a lower class: NZ Championship/Major Open, 
North Island Championship (not Rapid), South Island Championship (not Rapid), NZ Seniors, NZ Juniors 
(not Rapid), and NZ Women's.

Events which are held for the purposes of fund-raising, and have prizefunds below the stated class 3 limit 
(eg, memorabilia and donated items), will be allowed to register as class 3 events so long as the profits 
go to some general fund-raising cause, eg ‘the NZ Olympiad team’ or ‘the next Queenstown Chess Classic’ or 
‘World Youth travel expenses.’ Fundraisers for individual players will not normally be accepted as GP events 
(special cases may be considered).

An internal club tournament may earn Grand Prix points under the following conditions: it is open to anyone 
in the country and publicised to all clubs (and advertised on the Calendar page of, 
it can only be a class 3 event, and the appropriate Grand Prix levy must be paid. A club may hold a maximum of 
two internal Grand Prix events during the year.

Grand Prix Points
Grand Prix points are awarded as follows:
Super Class: 	1st 25, 2nd 20, 3rd 15, 4th 12, 5th 9.
Class 1: 	1st 20, 2nd 15, 3rd 12, 4th 9, 	5th 6.
Class 2: 	1st 15, 2nd 12, 3rd 9,  4th 6, 	5th 4.
Class 3: 	1st 12, 2nd 9,  3rd 6,  4th 4, 	5th 3.

In the case of ties, Grand Prix points will be shared and rounded to two decimal places.

For the categories Senior, Female, and Junior, points will be reduced in lower sections of a multi-section 
event. 100% of the points detailed above will be awarded in an Open or A-grade, 80% in a B-Grade, 60% in a 
C-Grade, D-Grade, or below. In a multi-section event, points for a lower grading category will not be awarded 
in higher sections. For example, in a tournament with A-Grade (1800 and over), B-Grade (under 1800), and 
C-Grade (under 1500), there will be no u-1800 category points awarded in the A-Grade, and no u-1500 category 
points awarded in the B-Grade. For the NZ Championship and the Major Open (where there is some overlap and 
also problems introduced by the requirement to promote people to make up Championship numbers), u-2100 
category points will be awarded in both (but no u-1800 points or below in the Championship). Points specific 
to a higher category (e.g. Open) will not be awarded in lower sections (e.g. B-Grade).

Grand Prix Prizes
These have been calculated on the basis of a total prizefund for 2013 of $5,000.
Open: 			1st $700 2nd $450 3rd $300 4th $200
Under 2100: 		1st $250 2nd $150 3rd $ 80
Under 1800: 		1st $250 2nd $150 3rd $ 80
Under 1500: 		1st $250 2nd $150 3rd $ 80
Junior: 		1st $250 2nd $150 3rd $ 80
Female: 		1st $250 2nd $150 3rd $ 80
Senior: 		1st $250 2nd $150 3rd $ 80
Under 12 & U1200: 	1st $ 70 2nd $ 50 3rd $ 30

Special prizes:
Best non-prize-winning North Islander outside Auckland and Wellington $80
Best non-prize-winning South Islander $80
Best non-prize-winning North Island Junior outside Auckland and Wellington $80
Best non-prize-winning South Island Junior $80

Grand Prix points are only awarded to New Zealand players (see Handbook for definition).
A player can win only one prize, but may compete in any number of divisions for which he/she is eligible.
He/she will be allocated the largest prize won at the end of the season or, in the case of prizes of equal 
value, the prize for the division where he/she finished in the higher placing. If the eligible prize and 
placing are equal, the player shall be awarded the prize from the division contested by fewest players.
To be eligible for one of the four “special” prizes, a player must have been awarded Grand Prix points in 
at least three events.

Rating Regulations
GP events must be NZCF-rated. (Note that NI, SI, Seniors’ and Women’s are FIDE-rated at NZCF’s expense).
Ratings for grade divisions are based on players’ standard ratings in the most recently published official 
NZCF list prior to the start of the Grand Prix, i.e. November 2012. Even if a player’s rating goes up or 
down in subsequent lists and affects his/her qualification for sections of multi-section events, the 
categories in which he/she can score points will not change.

Grand Prix points will be awarded in qualifying rating divisions, regardless of whether players win prizes 
at an individual tournament.

A player’s best five scores in events of any class are counted towards his/her totals; these cannot include 
more than three rapid events.

There is no differentiation between points offered at standard and rapid events.

Juniors are under 20 on 1 January, 2013.

Seniors are those who reach the age of 60 during 2013, or in the case of females, those who reach the age 
of 50 during 2013.

Tournaments where entry is restricted by factors other than rating are not eligible for GP points, except 
where there is a specified Grand Prix category, e.g. Female, Junior, Senior, U12/U1200.

In divisions where fewer than five qualifying events are held during the year, no prizes will be paid out.

Grand Prix Levies:
Tournaments included in the Grand Prix pay the following levies to NZCF:

Auckland or Wellington:
Super Class: 	$200
Class 1: 	$150
Class 2: 	$100
Class 3: 	$ 50

All other areas:
Super Class: 	$180
Class 1: 	$130
Class 2: 	$ 80
Class 3: 	$ 30

These discounts recognise that Auckland and Wellington can claim a significant preponderance of
New Zealand’s chess population. They aim to encourage maximum participation in the Grand Prix.

Multi-section Events
Where tournaments are effectively several different restricted events, only one levy is payable, based on 
the total prizefund. For example, the New Zealand Championship and Major Open attract only one levy, as 
they run concurrently and cater for different rating groups. They are both regarded as being in the same 
category, based on the combined prizefund. However, the New Zealand Rapid Championship is regarded as a 
separate tournament, as it is run at a different time and is open to all players. It attracts a separate 
levy, as do the North and South Island Rapid Championships.

Official NZCF Tournaments
All official NZCF Tournaments held before January 1, 2014 are automatically included in the 2013 Grand Prix 
(the appropriate levy, determined by prizefund and location, must be paid). These are:

The New Zealand Championship
The New Zealand Major Open
The New Zealand Rapid Championship
The North Island Championship
The North Island Rapid Championship
The South Island Championship
The South Island Rapid Championship
The New Zealand Junior Championship
The New Zealand Junior Rapid Championship
The New Zealand Seniors’ Championship
The New Zealand Women’s Championship

Tournament Organisers’ Responsibilities
To advise the Grand Prix Administrator at least one month before a tournament that it will be a Grand Prix 
event, pay the relevant NZCF levy and provide the name and contact details of a person responsible for 
ensuring a tournament report and games are forwarded to the “NZ Chess” magazine within a fortnight of the 
completion of the event.
To ensure the Grand Prix and its sponsor are mentioned on tournament entry forms.
To endeavour to publicise the Grand Prix in any media coverage
To make the most recent Grand Prix standings available to tournament participants at the start of the event.
To advise the Grand Prix Administrator of the complete results within a fortnight of the completion of the 
tournament (the sooner the better)

Grand Prix Administrator
The Grand Prix administrator for 2013 is Helen Milligan

Please use email; telephone is inconvenient for a number of reasons. 

She will be responsible for:
Updating the Grand Prix standings as soon as possible after each tournament.
Making the current Grand Prix standings available to organisers prior to the start of their tournaments.
Grand Prix standings, and results of tournaments, will be made available on New Zealand Chess.

Additional photos of prizewinners can often be found at
which is open to the public and does not require a Facebook login. An Update in pdf format will also be circulated to clubs every few weeks by email.

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