The Poison Pawn Grand Prix 2015

31st October 2015. Welcome to the 2015 Grand Prix. We are very pleased to announce that this year's sponsor is Poison Pawn Ltd. There is only one change to the rules this year: Congress will be both the first event of the Grand Prix, and also the last (so the 123rd Congress in January 2016 will be the final event of the 2015 GP, and also the first of the 2016 GP). Current scores in the Grand Prix: Open - Ben Hague 100, Mike Steadman 76.4, Mark Noble 75, Robert Smith 51.3, Russell Dive 44.6, Gino Thornton 37.6, Hans Gao 36, Leonard McLaren 35.1, Paul Garbett 33.93, John Duneas 30.98. Under 2100 - Daniel Gong 85, Jack James 69.5, Layla Timergazi 61.17, Leighton Nicholls 55.33, Daniel Runcan 50, Helen Milligan 49.5, Leo Zhang 47.9, Antonio Krstev 47.4, Allen Fan 45, Timothy Rains 37.5. Under 1800 - Tony Wang 42, Wayne McDougall 38.9, Terry Shen 38.5, Neil Cruden 35.67, Kate Song 34.5, Prashant Mistry & Caroline Yan 33.5, Richard Meng 32, Karl Holdo 31.57, Andrew Brockway 31.03. Under 1500 - Richard Meng 89, Aaron Wang 74, Wayne McDougall 68.17, Oliver Picken 46.84, Dion Charles 43.67, Stephen Murdoch 39.75, David Xu 30.67, Mathew Steadman 30.5, Paraone Luiten-Apirana 27.67, Timothy Nylund & Vyanla Punsalan 27. Junior - Alphaeus Ang 90, Daniel Gong 89.51, Hans Gao 87.5, Layla Timergazi 68.84, Jack James & Leighton Nicholls 68, Leo Zhang 63.42, Allen Fan 62, Richard Meng 51.05, Tony Wang 50.7. Under 12 & Under 1200 - Richard Meng 91.67, Vyanla Punsalan 77.17, Mathew Steadman 74, Beatrice Ang 61.67, Leo Li 58.5, Oscar Qin 51.67, Hugh Gao 48.5, Sravan Renjith 40, Aiden Zhao 26.5, Micah Nylund 24.75. Female - Helen Milligan 105, Layla Timergazi 90, Vivian Smith 77.5, Jasmine Zhang 77, Vyanla Punsalan 60.6, Joy Qin 59.75, Nicole Qin 57, Kate Song 55.5, Hananke Calitz 51, Caroline Yan 39.5. Senior - Michael Steadman 97.5, Mark Noble 91, Robert Smith 88, Leonard McLaren 75.5, Paul Garbett 64.5, Brian Nijman 57.25, Helen Milligan 49.25, Hilton Jacobs 39.1, Paul Kamberi 38.2, Ross Jackson 37.75. Veteran - Nigel Cooper 100, Robert Gibbons 57.5, Neil Cruden 56, Bernard Carpinter 49, John McRae 48.4, Gary Judkins 47.2, Arie Nijman 47, John Pakenham 33.5, Richard Taylor 29, Tony Booth 28. Tournaments where entry is restricted by factors other than rating are not eligible for GP points, except where there is a specified Grand Prix category, e.g. Female, Junior, Senior, U12/U1200. In divisions where fewer than five qualifying events are held during the year, no prizes will be paid out. Grand Prix Levies: Tournaments included in the Grand Prix pay the following levies to NZCF: Auckland or Wellington: Super Class: $200 Class 1: $150 Class 2: $100 Class 3: $ 50 All other areas: Super Class: $180 Class 1: $130 Class 2: $ 80 Class 3: $ 30 These discounts recognise that Auckland and Wellington can claim a significant preponderance of New Zealand’s chess population. They aim to encourage maximum participation in the Grand Prix. Multi-section Events Where tournaments are effectively several different restricted events, only one levy is payable, based on the total prizefund. For example, the New Zealand Championship and Major Open attract only one levy, as they run concurrently and cater for different rating groups. They are both regarded as being in the same category, based on the combined prizefund. However, the New Zealand Rapid Championship is regarded as a separate tournament, as it is run at a different time and is open to all players. It attracts a separate levy, as do the North and South Island Rapid Championships. Official NZCF Tournaments All official NZCF Tournaments held before January 1, 2016 are automatically included in the 2015 Grand Prix (the appropriate levy, determined by prizefund and location, must be paid). These are: The New Zealand Championship The New Zealand Major Open The New Zealand Rapid Championship The North Island Championship The North Island Rapid Championship The South Island Championship The South Island Rapid Championship The New Zealand Junior Championship The New Zealand Junior Rapid Championship The New Zealand Seniors’ Championship The New Zealand Women’s Championship Tournament Organisers’ Responsibilities To advise the Grand Prix Administrator at least one month before a tournament that it will be a Grand Prix event, pay the relevant NZCF levy and provide the name and contact details of a person responsible for ensuring a tournament report and games are forwarded to the “NZ Chess” magazine within a fortnight of the completion of the event. To ensure the Grand Prix and its sponsor are mentioned on tournament entry forms. To endeavour to publicise the Grand Prix in any media coverage To make the most recent Grand Prix standings available to tournament participants at the start of the event. To advise the Grand Prix Administrator of the complete results within a fortnight of the completion of the tournament (the sooner the better) Grand Prix Administrator The Grand Prix administrator is Helen Milligan Email: Please use email; telephone is inconvenient for a number of reasons. She will be responsible for: Updating the Grand Prix standings as soon as possible after each tournament. Making the current Grand Prix standings available to organisers prior to the start of their tournaments. Grand Prix standings, and results of tournaments, will be made available on New Zealand Chess. Additional photos of prizewinners can often be found at
which is open to the public and does not require a Facebook login. An Update in pdf format will also be circulated to clubs every few weeks by email.

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