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12th December 2017

Grand Prix funding increased for 2017 and 2018.
The New Zealand Chess Federation is delighted to announce increased sponsorship for the next two years. The new name of the GP will be:
The Poison Pawn Grand Prix in Association with D & D Financial Consultants Ltd.

The total prize fund will increase to $6500 per year, with first prize in the Open section now $1500 (up from $700 in 2016). This popular event rewards consistent good performance in tournaments throughout New Zealand.

You can download the rules (and the new logo, as shown above) from www.newzealandchess.co.nz/grandprix.html, where you will find current standings and a link to the spreadsheet with full details of points awarded. Check out the Results and Calendar pages too!

Current scores in the 2017 Grand Prix:

Open - Ben Hague 105, Mike Steadman 76.5, Daniel Gong 75.17, Anthony Ker 73, Robert Smith 69.17, Russell Dive 58.17, Alphaeus Ang 56.5, Kirill Polishchuk 51.33, Scott Wastney 45, Alexei Kulashko 40.

Under 2100 - Nathan Goodhue 83.67, Vyanla Punsalan 83.5, Oliver Picken 81.4, Benjamin Lim 81, Antonio Krstev 74.9, Daniel Runcan 58.68, Hilton Bennett 39.21, Nunilon Fulo 34. Alex Nagorski 30.37, Simon Lyall 29.38.

Under 1800 - Simon Lyall 90.5, Timothy Ha 58.5, Ryan Winter 50.4, Richard Meng 49.38, Caroline Yan 43, Prashant Mistry 40, Stephen Murdoch 36.67, John Findlay 35.03, Aaron Wang 34.63, William Crombie 33.6.

Under 1500 - Oliver Dai 71.67, Caleb He 52, Mathew Steadman 49, Oscar Qin 45, Richard Schurr 40.5, Hugh Gao 37.2, Jacob Barry & Daniel Qiu 37, Allen Li 36, Max Lough 30.5.

Junior - Daniel Gong 117.5, Alphaeus Ang 100, Allen Fan 88.17, Vyanla Punsalan 86, Oliver Picken 81, Jack James 80.17, Jasmine Zhang 74.5, Layla Timergazi 67.67, Richard Meng 53.23, Euan McDougall 49.43.

Under 12 & Under 1200 - Isabelle Ning 89.5, Hugh Gao 88.17, Caleb He 81, Abraham Deng 79.5, Winston Weng 71.67, Bobby Stannard 66.5, Allan Han 64, Jeffrey Yu 61, Renae Ghadiali 56.17, Felix Xie & Kendrick Zhang 54.

Female - Helen Milligan 110, Layla Timergazi 102.5, Vyanla Punsalan & Jasmine Zhang 100, Nicole Qin 67.8, Isabelle Ning 64.5, Nadia Braganza 54, Ying Wang 46.7, Caroline Yan 46, Sarah Yan 45.4.

Senior - Russell Dive 105, Mike Steadman 100, Robert Smith 97.5, Anthony Ker 87.5, Don Eade 66, Antonio Krstev 64, Leonard McLaren 60.17, Benjamin Lim 57.67, Paul Garbett 56, Nathan Goodhue 52.75.

Veteran - Paul Garbett 90, Nigel Cooper 82.5, Bernard Carpinter 52, William Lynn 49, John McRae 48, John Pakenham 47.5, Ewen Green 45, Gary Judkins 43.6, James Burt 43.5, Robert Gibbons 42.5.

To advise the Grand Prix Administrator at least one month before a tournament that it will be a Grand Prix event, pay the relevant NZCF levy and provide the name and contact details of a person responsible for ensuring a tournament report and games are forwarded to the “NZ Chess” magazine within a fortnight of the completion of the event.
To ensure the Grand Prix and its sponsor are mentioned on tournament entry forms.
To endeavour to publicise the Grand Prix in any media coverage.
To make the most recent Grand Prix standings available to tournament participants at the start of the event.
To advise the Grand Prix Administrator of the complete results within a fortnight of the completion of the tournament (the sooner the better).

Grand Prix Administrator
The Grand Prix administrator is Helen Milligan
Email: heligan@newzealandchess.co.nz

Please use email; telephone is inconvenient for a number of reasons.

She will be responsible for:
Updating the Grand Prix standings as soon as possible after each tournament.
Making the current Grand Prix standings available to organisers prior to the start of their tournaments.
Grand Prix standings, and results of tournaments, will be made available on www.newzealandchess.co.nz New Zealand Chess.

Additional photos of prizewinners can often be found at www.facebook.com/NZChessFederation facebook.com/NZChessFederation
which is open to the public and does not require a Facebook login. An Update in pdf format will also be circulated to clubs every few weeks by email.

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