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14th March 2017 - Congratulations to FA Ying Wang. Ying has had her application for FIDE Arbiter approved by FIDE.

Oceania Zonal

International 2017 21st January 2017 - Great tournament. Well organised Paul Spiller. Either the players are getting younger or I'm getting older. I see Howick-Pakuranga CC won a bag of titles for FIDE Master, Candidate Master and Woman FIDE Master: FM Leonard McLaren, FM Daniel Gong, CM Stan Yee, CM Ben Lim, CM Richard Taylor and WFM Jasmine Zhang. We were also well represented in the tournament with Terry Shen, Tony Booth, Oliver Dai, Daniel Qiu and Ryan Dukeson. See the below links for the results.

New Zealand Chess Oceania Zonal Open.
New Zealand Chess Oceania Zonal Womens.

Fairhurst Pawn


31/05/16 ROUND 7:

Board 1 Andrew Janisz vs Stan Yee. White kept Black on his side of the board for the first 20 moves. Then Yee got impatient and played 21... f5?! which allowed Janisz an initiative against the Black King with 24. Qg6! Even after being repealed the Queen came back with 31. Qg6! But Janisz couldn't get in, and repeated moves and offered a draw on move 36.

Board 2 Paul Spiller vs Leyton Hackney. Black seemed to waste time in the opening with 7... Ne4 and 9... Qh4, giving White the initiative. 15... f5? was not necessary and weakened the Kingside. After 16. e5 g5?? Hackney gives up a piece and the game. There was no advantage gained by this sacrifice, as White was never in danger.

Board 3 Eddy Tan vs Terry Shen. No score sheets were handed in, but Shen won. Duplicate score sheets weren't available.

24/05/16 ROUND 6:

Board 1 Leyton Hackney vs Stan Yee. White developed a bind in the opening, but Black defended accurately. Hackney tried to rush the attack with 15. f4 but was surprised by 15... Bf6 which unleashed a combination freeing Yee from the pressure by liquidating the minor pieces, leaving only the major pieces on the board. Yee won a pawn but Hackney cleverly won a pawn back in return, leaving an even Rook and pawn ending. Hackney got into time trouble, and dropped another pawn and the game.

Board 2 Terry Shen vs Paul Spiller. White misplayed the opening and lost his castling rights. Spiller sacrificed his Rook for the Bishop with 13... Rxf3, getting plenty of play on the Knight which recaptured on that square but pinned to the White King on g2 by the Black Bishop on b7. The mistake was 20... Rxf3? exchanging off the pieces, when 20... Qxb3 21. axb3 Bxf3+ 22. Kg1 Bxe5 and Black should win with the two Bishops for a Rook. Instead the Rook and pawn ending was drawn.

Board 3 Alex Zhu vs Andrew Janisz. White got mated in 8 moves.

17/05/16 ROUND 5:

Board 1 Stan Yee vs Terry Shen. Black put all his pawns on light squares and fianchettoed his Bishop to g7, so White put his Bishop on c3 to oppose it. After the exchange of these Bishops the dark squares will become weak. Yee invited complications with 14. Nf3?! which in hindsight was speculative, tempting Shen to win a pawn. The invitation was accepted with 16... Nxe4? and a combination that included the exchange of said Bishops. The pressure was too much with the Knight pinned on f6, and Shen drops a piece and the game.

Board 2 Jasmine Zhang vs Paul Spiller. White didn't seem to have a plan in an unfamiliar position, and allowed Black to infiltrate with 11... Qh4. Playing the Knight back with 12. Nf3?? just lost everything to 12... Qxf2+.

Board 3 Temu Maroroa vs Leyton Hackney. White attacked prematurely and got pushed back. Then Maroroa blundered a piece and the game.

10/05/16 ROUND 4:

Board 1 Paul Spiller vs Stan Yee was another tough battle between these two. Early and lasting pressure from Spiller saw Yee boxed in for a long period of time, with a pawn wedge on e6. But White's development started to lag, and Yee held on with accurate defence. Time creep up on Spiller and he made a mistake, and Yee chopped off the e6 pawn. After some liquidation they were left with Queen and Rook each. The White Rook was lured away to the Queenside, and the Black Queen and Rook combined to harrass the White King. Spiller was down to seconds and offered a draw, not aware that the position had repeated three times. Yee saw a way in with 43... Qe2+ and actually missed the correct follow up of 44... Qe4+ as a quicker way to finish, instead of 44... Qd1, and the White flag fell. If 45. Kh3 Rf1 46.Qe3 Rh1+ 47.Kg2 Qf1++.

Board 2 Oliver Dai vs Terry Shen was an interesting tussle. Shen won an early and possibly poisoned pawn on g3, endangering his King to attack on the g and h files. But Dai obliged with the exchange of Queens, and the end game was straight forward. After 37. Kd2? Rxb3! would have reduced White to only two pawns to Blacks five, instead of 37... Kg7? The threat is the fork 38. Nf3+, exchanging the remaining Rooks.

Board 3 Leyton Hackney vs Eddy Tan saw Hackney win a couple of pawns in the opening and convert that to a win. He has returned to chess after about nine years and was rated 1824 at last count.

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