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Parkinson Cup 22/03/11


Board 1 Luke Li vs Paul Spiller was a Dutch Defence, with White playing the interesting Blackburne Variation with 6. Nh3. Black first played 6...d6, the Fluid formation, then next move decided after 7. f4 to play 7...d5, the Stonewall formation. White had pressure on c6 from the half-open c-file, and cleverly opened the h3-c8 diagonal for his light-squared Bishop. After 21...b4? White correctly decided to reject the win of the exchange and to go for the Black Queenside pawns instead. After 23.Be6!+ Kg7 24.Bxd5! the Stonewall crumbles.

Board 2 Andrew Janisz vs Edwin Yip was a Caro-Kann Defence, and extremely well played by Yip. The standard pin on the f3 Knight and double attack with 12...Qd5 gave Black the edge. But the brilliant 23...e5! threatened to trap the stray White Rook on c5. The resulting piece exchanges saw yet more doubled pawns on c4 and c5, which proved to eventually cost White the game after a well played Rook and pawns ending.

Board 3 Stan Yee vs Bryon Lam was a Sicilian Defence Yugoslav Attack, and White emerged with an advantage from the opening. The ridiculous 14...Bxg4 sacrifice, which I have seen a few times, simply lost a piece for two pawns.

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