International 2017

8th Asian Seniors and Asian Veterans Championship, Auckland, 9th - 15th October 2017

15th October 2017. International Organiser CM Paul Spiller (second from left) with a giant photo of the participants in the Asian Seniors and Asian Veterans tournaments, with living legends IM Herman van Riemsdijk (Brazil), GM Murray Chandler (New Zealand) and GM Eugenio Torre (Philippines). Photo by Stan Yee.

Another great tournament. Well organised by Paul Spiller. Howick-Pakuranga CC was well represented in the tournament with FM Ewen Green, FM Leonard McLaren, CM Ben Lim, CM Paul Spiller, CM Stan Yee, CM Richard Taylor, Jim Benson and Tony Booth.

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Oceania Zonal Championship, Auckland, 14th - 20th January 2017

21st January 2017 - Great tournament. Well by International Organiser CM organised Paul Spiller. Either the players are getting younger or I'm getting older. I see Howick-Pakuranga CC won a bag of titles for FIDE Master, Candidate Master and Woman FIDE Master: FM Leonard McLaren, FM Daniel Gong, CM Stan Yee, CM Ben Lim, CM Richard Taylor and WFM Jasmine Zhang. We were also well represented in the tournament with Terry Shen, Tony Booth, Oliver Dai, Daniel Qiu and Ryan Dukeson. Photo from Oceania Zonals 2017.

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