New Zealand Chess Federation
118th New Zealand Chess Congress Auckland

New Zealand Championship Final Results 12/01/11

Cross Table
No Name                   Loc  Total   1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    9   10   11  

1  Ker, Anthony           2444 9     26:W 10:W  6:W  3:W  4:D  5:D  2:W 14:D  7:D 12:W  8:W
2  Krstev, Antonio        2129 7.5   15:L  9:W 16:W  8:W  6:W  4:D  1:L  5:W 14:W  3:L 17:W
3  Smith, Robert          2371 7.5   13:W 11:W  5:D  1:L 17:D 15:L 16:W 12:W  4:W  2:W  7:D
4  Watson, Bruce          2321 7.5   20:D 21:W 19:W  5:D  1:D  2:D 14:D  9:W  3:L  6:W 11:W
5  McLaren, Leonard       2244 7     22:W  8:W  3:D  4:D 14:W  1:D 15:W  2:L  6:D  7:D  9:D
6  Steadman, Michael      2362 6.5    9:W 14:W  1:L 17:D  2:L 11:W  7:D 15:W  5:D  4:L 19:W
7  Shen, Daniel           2258 6.5   16:D 15:D 14:L 22:W 21:W 10:D  6:D  8:W  1:D  5:D  3:D
8  Dive, Russell          2460 6     18:W  5:L 11:W  2:L 15:D 16:D 20:W  7:L  9:W 14:W  1:L
9  Bennett, Hilton        2046 6      6:L  2:L 25:W 12:D 19:W 23:W 17:W  4:L  8:L 16:W  5:D
10 Barlow, Matthew        2137 6     23:W  1:L 13:W 15:D 20:D  7:D 12:L 18:D 16:D 11:D 14:W
11 Gibbons, Robert        2086 5.5   25:W  3:L  8:L 21:D 13:W  6:L 18:D 20:W 15:W 10:D  4:L
12 Milligan, Helen        2148 5.5   14:L 16:D 22:D  9:D 23:D 21:W 10:W  3:L 17:W  1:L 13:D
13 Ansell, Alan           2050 5.5    3:L 25:W 10:L 16:D 11:L 24:W 19:W 17:D 18:D 15:D 12:D
14 Li, Luke               1992 5     12:W  6:L  7:W 19:W  5:L 20:W  4:D  1:D  2:L  8:L 10:L
15 Gao, Hans              1987 5      2:W  7:D 17:D 10:D  8:D  3:W  5:L  6:L 11:L 13:D 26:D
16 Fuatai, Fuatai         2027 5      7:D 12:D  2:L 13:D 22:W  8:D  3:L 26:W 10:D  9:L 24:D
17 Pinic, Noel            2121 5     21:D 24:W 15:D  6:D  3:D 18:D  9:L 13:D 12:L 25:W  2:L
18 Stuart, Peter          2070 5      8:L 22:D 23:L 26:W 24:W 17:D 11:D 10:D 13:D 19:D 21:L
19 Dordevic, Ivan         2080 5     24:D 20:W  4:L 14:L  9:L 26:W 13:L 25:W 23:W 18:D  6:L
20 Goodhue, Nathan        2030 4.5    4:D 19:L 24:W 23:W 10:D 14:L  8:L 11:L 25:D 26:D 22:D
21 Gao, Judy              1964 4.5   17:D  4:L 26:W 11:D  7:L 12:L 25:L 24:D 22:D 23:D 18:W
22 Jackson, Ross          2013 4.5    5:L 18:D 12:D  7:L 16:L 25:L 26:W 23:D 21:D 24:W 20:D
23 Forster, William       1990 4.5   10:L 26:D 18:W 20:L 12:D  9:L 24:D 22:D 19:L 21:D 25:W
24 Yao, Winston (Yow-Jen) 1676 4     19:D 17:L 20:L 25:W 18:L 13:L 23:D 21:D 26:W 22:L 16:D
25 Gold, Hamish           1927 2.5   11:L 13:L  9:L 24:L 26:L 22:W 21:W 19:L 20:D 17:L 23:L
26 Taylor, Richard        2065 2.5    1:L 23:D 21:L 18:L 25:W 19:L 22:L 16:L 24:L 20:D 15:D

Major Open Final Results 12/01/11

Cross Table
No Name                    Loc  Total   1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    9   10   11   

1  Seabrook, Roy           1748 9     38:- 33:W 10:W  9:L 27:W 47:W 11:W 26:W  2:W  3:W  8:W
2  Huang, Alex             1974 8     27:W 18:W 14:L  8:W 21:D 46:W  7:W  3:D  1:L  4:W 12:W
3  Evans, David            1984 7.5   37:W 13:W 43:W 14:W  5:D  7:L 12:W  2:D  8:W  1:L  6:D
4  Fraemohs, Peter         1999 7.5   10:D 30:W 17:D 18:W 26:L 21:W  9:W  7:D  5:W  2:L 19:W
5  Li, William (Xiang Wei) 1736 7.5   41:W 38:W 19:W  7:W  3:D 26:L  6:D  8:D  4:L 20:W 17:W
6  Power, Wayne            1875 7.5   42:D 10:D 27:W 46:D 20:D 22:W  5:D 12:D 30:W  7:W  3:D
7  Post, Martin            1931 7     25:W 28:W 26:W  5:L 11:W  3:W  2:L  4:D 17:W  6:L  9:D
8  Eade, Don               1862 7     45:W 31:W 11:D  2:L 13:W 17:W 26:W  5:D  3:L 10:W  1:L
9  Wu, Eric                1624 7     49:W 11:L 15:W  1:W 14:W 12:L  4:L 23:W 19:W 17:D  7:D
10 Roberts, Michael        1622 7      4:D  6:D  1:L 45:W 18:W 42:W 19:D 13:D 15:W  8:L 22:W
11 Casilang, Arthur        1746 7     33:W  9:W  8:D 17:D  7:L 30:W  1:L 18:D 32:W 22:D 21:W
12 Tsoi, Nicole            1711 7     30:L 41:W 42:W 19:D 28:W  9:W  3:L  6:D 26:W 21:W  2:L
13 Mitchell, Robert        1726 6.5   36:W  3:L 48:W 30:W  8:L 20:D 46:W 10:D 21:L 18:W 16:D
14 Cater, James            1792 6.5   16:W 47:W  2:W  3:L  9:L 31:D 20:L 30:L 48:W 34:W 28:W
15 McNally, Ian            1934 6.5    0:  44:W  9:L 42:D 30:L 40:W 35:W 31:W 10:L 27:W 23:W
16 Kolev, Hristo           1397 6.5   14:L 35:D 44:W 20:L 36:D 51:W 29:D 46:W 18:D 26:W 13:D
17 Halim, Johari           1940 6     34:W 22:D  4:D 11:D 24:W  8:L 31:W 20:W  7:L  9:D  5:L
18 Pakenham, John          1715 6     23:W  2:L 22:W  4:L 10:L 28:W 48:W 11:D 16:D 13:L 32:W
19 Wright, Caleb           1936 6     48:W 46:W  5:L 12:D 22:D 29:W 10:D 21:D  9:L 30:W  4:L
20 Zhang, William J W      1409 6     43:L 39:W 24:D 16:W  6:D 13:D 14:W 17:L 29:W  5:L 26:D
21 Liu, Brian              1646 6     52:W 26:L 38:W 43:W  2:D  4:L 24:W 19:D 13:W 12:L 11:L
22 Lyall, Simon            1695 6     40:W 17:D 18:L 47:W 19:D  6:L 25:W 32:D 27:W 11:D 10:L
23 Ang, Alphaeus           1235 6     18:L 27:L 51:W 48:L 49:W 34:W 28:W  9:L 25:W 29:W 15:L
24 Michael, Andrew         1693 6     44:D 42:D 20:D 32:W 17:L 36:W 21:L 27:L 31:D 33:W 30:W
25 Chen, George            1473 6      7:L 53:W 46:L 49:W 31:L 43:W 22:L 47:W 23:L 36:W 37:W
26 Holdo, Karl             1761 5.5   32:W 21:W  7:L 29:W  4:W  5:W  8:L  1:L 12:L 16:L 20:D
27 Kolev, Stefan           1511 5.5    2:L 23:W  6:L 38:W  1:L 45:W 33:D 24:W 22:L 15:L 43:W
28 Chen, Thomas            1687 5.5   53:W  7:L 32:D 36:W 12:L 18:L 23:L 44:W 49:W 42:W 14:L
29 Mukkattu, Philip        1659 5.5   39:W 43:L 45:W 26:L 34:W 19:L 16:D 33:W 20:L 23:L 42:W
30 Zhang, Leo              1209 5     12:W  4:L 31:W 13:L 15:W 11:L 37:W 14:W  6:L 19:L 24:L
31 Yang, Scott             1648 5     51:W  8:L 30:L 35:W 25:W 14:D 17:L 15:L 24:D 38:D 34:D
32 Li, Andrew (Geng)       1354 5     26:L 52:W 28:D 24:L 35:W 37:D 47:W 22:D 11:L 43:D 18:L
33 Chen, Johnson           1315 5     11:L  1:L 50:W 37:D 42:D 44:W 27:D 29:L 46:D 24:L 51:W
34 Garland, Mana           1511 5     17:L 40:D 36:D 52:W 29:L 23:L 50:W 43:W 42:D 14:L 31:D
35 Lam, Byron              891  5     47:L 16:D 40:W 31:L 32:L 41:W 15:L 38:L 53:D  0:W 48:+
36 Halim, Izzah            1300 5     13:L 37:W 34:D 28:L 16:D 24:L 45:D 51:D 47:W 25:L 52:W
37 Rong, David             1604 5      3:L 36:L 53:W 33:D 44:W 32:D 30:L 42:L 45:W 46:W 25:L
38 Ansell, John            1320 5      1:+  5:L 21:L 27:L 52:W 48:L 43:L 35:W 51:W 31:D 44:D
39 Fan, Allen              1018 5     29:L 20:L 41:W 44:L 45:L  0:W 42:L 50:W 43:L 47:W 46:+
40 Lee, Ryan               1206 5     22:L 34:D 35:L 41:L 50:W 15:L 51:-  0:W 44:D 52:W 53:W
41 Fan, Cathy              1308 5      5:L 12:L 39:L 40:W 51:D 35:L 53:W 49:L 52:W 48:D 50:W
42 Jia, Hao                1459 4.5    6:D 24:D 12:L 15:D 33:D 10:L 39:W 37:W 34:D 28:L 29:L
43 Stracy, Don             1796 4.5   20:W 29:W  3:L 21:L 46:L 25:L 38:W 34:L 39:W 32:D 27:L
44 Rudkins, Linton         1141 4.5   24:D 15:L 16:L 39:W 37:L 33:L  0:W 28:L 40:D 51:W 38:D
45 Rowell, Trevor          1456 4.5    8:L 51:W 29:L 10:L 39:W 27:L 36:D 48:D 37:L 53:W 49:D
46 Puepuemai, Wayne        1687 4     50:W 19:L 25:W  6:D 43:W  2:L 13:L 16:L 33:D 37:L 39:-
47 Gilmore, Sacha          1629 4     35:W 14:L 49:W 22:L 48:W  1:L 32:L 25:L 36:L 39:L  0:W
48 Puepuemai, Malo         1501 4     19:L 50:W 13:L 23:W 47:L 38:W 18:L 45:D 14:L 41:D 35:-
49 Zhan, Judd              818  4      9:L  0:W 47:L 25:L 23:L 53:D 52:W 41:W 28:L 50:L 45:D
50 Halim, Farhana          1054 4     46:L 48:L 33:L 53:W 40:L 52:W 34:L 39:L  0:W 49:W 41:L
51 Dong, Olivia            1000 3     31:L 45:L 23:L  0:W 41:D 16:L 40:+ 36:D 38:L 44:L 33:L
52 Qian, Bella             975  2     21:L 32:L  0:W 34:L 38:L 50:L 49:L 53:W 41:L 40:L 36:L
53 Halim, Aiman            1028 2     28:L 25:L 37:L 50:L  0:W 49:D 41:L 52:L 35:D 45:L 40:L

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