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The game went 22...Ne5! using the en prise Knight to protect his c4 Rook, leaving itself en prise on another square. He ignores the threat on his other Rook on f8. To play through the game click the link below.

19/10/15 G Glavinac vs P K Wells 0-1

A brilliant game from Peter Wells, top English GM and author of "Grandmaster Secrets: The Caro-Kann" from Gambit Publications Ltd.

Compare this thematic Semi-Slav Knight manoeuvre Nd7-e5-g4 with

15/01/13 L Aronian vs V Anand 0-1

16...Nde5! clearing the d-file for the Queen and protecting the g4 Knight. Here 16...Ndf6 is not as good as White can exchange Knights with check.

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