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A Successful 126th Congress
The spirit of chess on display as congress wraps up (this is round 8 of 9 in the Blitz Championships). Locals Ralph Hart and Evan Capel are about to beat a Russian GM and an Australian IM respectively
Thanks to Chief Organiser Paul Spiller, hosts Howick-Pakuranga Chess Club, chief sponsor Kasparov Chess Foundation Asia Pacific, Grand Prix sponsors Michael Freeman and Martin Dreyer, plus arbiters Bruce Pollard, Craig Hall and Ying Wang for putting on another great tournament at a great location. The overseas marquee players showed their class. GM Gareyev followed up his unbeaten equal first in the NZ Open with dominant 8.5/9 and 9/9 scores in the Rapid and Blitz respectively. Amongst the locals, the established elite showed they aren't ready to relinquish their grip in classical chess, but a new generation shone in rapid and blitz.

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